Tree Plantation

Tree plantation program has been carried out in Soegao forest department. Hon. Cabinet Minister Abdul Sattar was the chief guest and he began the program by planting a tree by his own. Sabhpati Nandatai Aage, ZP member Prabhakr Kale and others were present at the event. Program gave the message of ‘One tree, one life’.

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Development of the city

In Aazad Nagar area – Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Bhavan, In different area like Shri Krushan Nagar, Tilak Nagar, etc Shatrapati Shahu maharaj social town hall for the people of Sillod has been established. For these two social town halls, total amount spent around 4 crore. In near future, there will be some more such …

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