Youth leader Abdul Sameer Abdul Sattar addressing to public.

MLA Abdul Sattar with patient during the campaign.

MLA Abdul Sattar have taken visit of patients.

Cleanliness awareness campaign

Abdul Sattar in huge rally at Sillod


In Sillod City


Some important resolutions

Our Sillod

In Sillod City

  • For the health of common people

    On the special occasion of Mr. Sattar’s birthday, the events like diagnosis camp, free eye-check […]
  • Home for Everyone

    As Sillod is progressing, people from other places have started staying in Sillod. It’s difficult […]
  • Development of Hospital

    Mr Sattar has a considerable contribution in bringing the sub district hospital to this level. […]
  • Lightening Sillod

    Municipal corporation in Sillod was facing huge electricity bills, despite the fact that city was […]

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